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Where it all started

I have loved fashion from as far back as I can remember.

I met my best friend in kindergarten as we admired each other’s great outfits the first day of school, Oshkosh jumpers. In grade one, I came home crying as I wasn’t (in my opinion) the best dressed in class that day. In high school, some friends named me Ms. Bling due to my impressive jewelry collection, but let’s fast forward a little.

A little about my background

I am an experienced fashion professional with many years in the industry, specifically, as a Buying Manager and Senior Fashion Buyer for large department stores such as Harvey Nichols Kuwait and Galeries Lafayette Qatar, and as a brand manager for internationally known brands. Additionally, I was actively involved in the creation of designer concept stores in Kuwait (with further expansion within the Gulf Council Countries). I achieved all the aforementioned after completing an MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods from Italy. Moreover, I was specifically chosen to mentor and coach upcoming designers in Qatar, M7 (a pet, cherished project launched by her Royal Highness Princess (Sheikha) Al Mayassa).

Some of my accomplishments include being the buyer who launched the biggest footwear floors in two countries, Kuwait and Qatar, bringing on board top names. I introduced, what were at the time, relatively unknown brands on the global market and now much in demand. Think brands such as Axel Arigato, Mach & Mach and By Far (to name just a few).


Many SMEs, emerging designers, and distributors face the same challenges. These often include but are not limited to ensuring they are visible to retailers and ultimately, getting selected by desired points of sales. I help clarify the steps to reach the right stakeholders, secure appointments, and generate order placement. The strategy to achieve this can be broken down into five key steps: product evaluation, market evaluation, store strategy (POS you are targeting), outreach strategy and preparation, and buying market strategy for those planning to attend trade shows or be in a showroom.

However, this is not necessarily the end of the road, a lot of brands get stuck when it comes to terms of agreement and guaranteeing timely payments. Pricing properly and ensuring fair negotiations, allowing brands to maintain a healthy business, is not always as straightforward as one would hope. Many businesses struggle with funds to launch production, often waiting for payments far down the line. These struggles became even more challenging during the pandemic and continue to be a concern

This is where I step in. In collaboration with my clients, we think outside the box, and find creative and strategic ways to see their brand grow and avoid mistakes that are common in the first years of business.


A few years back it struck me how many people in my entourage, from family members, to friends, to only mere acquaintances would contact me to seek my advice on helping them attain that perfect look for different occasions, especially milestone and other memorable events. Many people asked me to shop with them and advise them on the best shades, styles for their skin colour and body types and, of course, keeping in mind their budget and needs. I soon realized how much I loved this side of fashion as I was facilitating a positive difference in their lives. I helped people feel good about themselves, confident about their image and the way they presented themselves to the world.

Slowly but surely, I started to review friends’ wardrobes, brushed up on my readings and trainings on colour analysis, and assisted friends and acquaintances on decluttering their closets. I tried to be as honest as possible with those who sought my advice, whether they were close friends or distant acquaintances, on what their present style said about them. I soon grasped that, in the case of many men and women, they were experiencing difficulties getting past the fact that their body shape today vs five, ten or even twenty years past, may well have changed. They held onto items they desperately hoped that they would be able to get into once again, while, presently feeling depressed about their current figures. They were letting themselves go rather than embracing the person they are today. This is where I like to intercede. I aid people in finding their new beauty and regaining their self esteem.

I’ll be your Fairy Godmother

Another enjoyable aspect of my job is working with clients who already have a good idea of what they like and what suits them, but due to their busy schedules, or perhaps the area in which they are located, don’t have the necessary time nor energy to put together the right look, or are lacking the necessary knowledge of how and where to search for new brands and trends that may suit their tastes, pocketbook, and body type. This is where I step in and play Fairy Godmother.




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