I can help you achieve your goals

Over the years I have created hundreds of looks based on customer preferences, budget, seasonal tendencies, changing global values, and adapting to specific cultural norms.

It all begins by understanding your lifestyle, personality, the image you want to project and your likes and dislikes, so that you can set out every day as the best version of yourself.

Services for businesses

Offering consultancy services to designers and brands that want to grow their business.

These include :

  • product evaluation
  • market evaluation
  • pos strategy
  • outreach strategy plus preparation
  • buying market strategy
  • business financial health evaluation

Prices vary depending on the mandate and duration of the project, or whether on a retainer basis.

Styling Services

Personal stylist / Image Consultancy

I can help you achieve your goals as, having worked in the field of fashion over the past decade, I have gained the experience and knowledge necessary to help guide you through the landmines of local and international trends. I am familiar with hundreds of brands and have an adroit understanding of their ‘DNA’. As buyers, we visit multiple showrooms, trade fairs and shows that allow us to become acquainted with practically all that is available on the fashion scene. I can recommend to you brands that are within your budget and with which you may not already be familiar. Let me be your guide to the boutiques and concept stores offering clothing and accessories that will best flatter your figure and produce the image you seek.


Minimum 3-hour

What’s included

Body measurements and body type analysis, information on the preferable cuts and styles for your build, recommendations on a minimum of four brands based on your budget and tastes, as well as the necessary tools enabling you to identify quality pieces that will embellish your existing wardrobe and stand the test of time.

Wardrobe planner

Depending on your requirements and preferences, together, we can develop the perfect look for daywear, office wear, and for those special occasions. In short, this will make your life easier by alleviating the stress and minimizing the time spent each day on deciding what to wear. Rather than worrying about your outward image, you will be able to concentrate your energies, talents, and personal expertise on other pressing needs.

The first step entails going through your existing wardrobe and ascertaining what pieces you already own that could be incorporated into your new look. You most probably possess many items of clothing that can be mixed and matched in ways that you never considered before. We can also determine which pieces to eliminate as they are just not right for the image that you wish to communicate. And, of course, we can decide upon the initial purchases necessary to complete the look. You may well need less than you might think, it’s often simply a question of picking and choosing, customizing, and tweaking here and there.

Another important aspect in wardrobe planning is knowing how to put together a ‘capsule’ wardrobe. Having regularly travelled on short and long business trips, ranging from less than 48 hours to over two weeks in different cities, countries and climates all in one go, I had no choice but to become efficient in planning and minimizing my travel wardrobes if I didn’t wish to be burdened with a great deal of luggage and ending up paying astronomical overweight fees at airports!!!


Minimum 3-hour

What’s included

Minimum of 5 looks (no maximum)

Colour analysis

One of my favourite fashion components, and certainly a very important aspect involved in creating your optimum image is the art of colour analysis. No matter what the outfit, ensuring that you have chosen the colour or shade that most compliments your skin tone, can make a world of difference. A specific tone or hue will enable you to appear more youthful and glowing, or to the contrary older, and drained. This analysis consists of having the client remove all makeup and draping a variety of coloured fabric swatches near to the face, permitting both analyst and you, the patron, to recognize which neutrals best suit you, what colours highlight your natural beauty, which tones should be worn in moderation and those that should be avoided. Not only will you discover your most flattering shades but I shall help to initiate a better understanding of how to pick and choose the ideal prints and patterns (delicate to bold, stripes to checks, realistic to abstract) and fabrics (synthetic…nylons, polyester, rayon to naturals, such as silk, cotton, velvet, wool, linens) based on a combination of factors, such as your body type, your skin tone, the purpose of the garment, and so much more.


Minimum 3-hour

Add on service(s)

How it works

Session(s) length

1-2 hour (s) of any secondary service can be added with any main service.

In person or virtually

Online services (Zoom, skype, facetime, etc) possible for minimum of 1.5 hours on any service (however, colour analysis gives much better results in person).

Recommend and save

Get 10% off on your next service when you recommend a friend, family member, acquaintance.


Sustainable fashion

In recent years, and specifically since the pandemic, we have seen a shift in consumer purchasing choices. With more time on our hands to research, buyers are more conscious of eco-friendly alternatives. Many are wanting to move towards more sustainable options. This could mean more natural fabrics, animal friendly, vegan brands, second-hand and/or vintage, mending and remodelling slightly damaged but beautiful pieces, and brands that offer fair pay to all workers. I am familiar with an array of fashion houses that offer products that fulfill these ethical requirements, since I coordinated the launch of the sustainability campaign at Galeries Lafayette Qatar, scouting brands that met these needs, to satisfy this growing demand from our customers.

1 hour additional session about sustainable brands can be added with any service or let me know in the questionnaire section that you wish to focus on sustainability for any package/session.

Jewelry addict

If, like me, your passion is jewelry, you’re talking to the right person. Not only have I worked as a buyer for top-ranking jewelry brands, but also, on the floor, dealing directly with clients, and advising them in their purchases. I am GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified. I have been sponsored by the Italian Embassy, as a VIP guest, to attend a major jewelry trade show in Italy, plus being invited to jewelry launches at such prestigious venues as the Louvre Museum. It would be my pleasure to offer you tips on how to style your personal pieces, whether fine or fashion jewelry, with your various outfits, depending on your needs, tastes, and the occasion. And I would be more than happy to advise you on ‘those essential pointers’ that one needs to know when shopping for fine jewelry.

Shopping trips

Fear not, if you are looking to accessorize a new or a vintage piece that’s been in your closet for years, I can assist with that by finding something novel and unique. Or if, to the contrary you seek the clean lines of a minimalist touch without appearing drab, or just want that dress that says it all, search no further, I’ll be sure to listen to your needs and create that style which will fulfill your wishes.




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